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Halkidiki - Sithonia

Halkidiki is a peninsula and a regional unit of Greece, part of the Region of Central Makedonia in Northern Greece, where the green pine trees and the deep blue of the sea harmoniously coexist. The peninsula consists of 3 legs. The Yellow Houses is located between the second and third leg, while the placement is really convenient since you can easily visit the unspoiled lovely parts of Sithonia.

In front of The Yellow Houses and only 50 meters away, there is a “private” small beach with pebbles and sand with sun-umbrellas and sunbeds for our guests. Also, 300 meters away on foot, there is a long sandy coast where you can find a traditional Greek tavern and a beach bar.

Near The Yellow Houses, you can find:

• Cultural and architectural walks in the traditional mountain village of Agios Nikolaos and Metaggitsi, 10 km away.
• Greek style entertainment in Marmaras and Nikiti village, 17 km away.
• Trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mount Athos by boat from Ormo Panagias, 7 km away.
• The birthplace of Aristotle in Stageira village, 25 km away.
• The Cave Petralona which is 300m above the sea-level and is located in the first leg, 65 km away.
• The city of Alexander the Great, 150 km away.
• Meteora, 200 km away.

Pyrgadikia village:

The Yellow Houses is located 2 km away from Pyrgadikia village (20 minutes on foot) which are in the middle of the bay that forms the peninsula of Sithonia and Mount Athos.

Pyrgadikia is a Greek village in Chalkidiki peninsula and is located in the south-east part of Chalkidiki in the coast of Siggitikos bay (part of Aegean Sea). The central church of the village is dedicated to Panagia and celebrated every 8th of September. In Pyrgadikia you can find a market place, a bakery and several taverns (restaurants) with authentic Greek food.

Sea excursions

Rent a boat from Pyrgadikia and spend an exciting day cruising around the Diaporos islands (no license needed). Renting a boat will be a remarkable experience of your holidays. There are so many beautiful beaches around Diaporos, where you can stop for snorkeling, fishing, and swimming, enjoy the sun and crystal warm waters!